Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Jude's Sarah is back in print!


Jude's wonderful fourth album Sarah is back in print with a new cover! It's available exclusively at CDbaby.com, so run and buy one copy for yourself and maybe a few more for select ex-lovers.

The following is yet another stupid conversation between Patrick and Boone concerning Jude. If this is how they talk about musicians they love, imagine how they talk about the ones they hate!

Jdamen: On Jude's album Sarah, which track comes first... "Your Love Is Everything"/"If You Need" or "If You Need"/"Your Love Is Everything"?

TheKeenGuy: I can't remember which is first, but the track list as printed on the back is wrong.

Jdamen: The copy I just got from CD Baby with the new cover is weird. On the back it says "Your Love Is Everything" and then "If You Need" but on the CD those two songs are reversed.

Jdamen: Yeah .

Jdamen: I like the new Sarah cover without the girl.

TheKeenGuy: There's a new cover?

Jdamen: This cover is just Jude holding a pot of flowers, which is kind of funny.

Jdamen: Yeah, I ordered a new copy so I'd have one to pass around to people. Different cover, exact same blue tint but different picture I guess showing it’s in its second printing.

Jdamen: Or because the girl was like: YOU PUT ME ON THE FRONT OF YOUR FUCKING CD?!!?!?

Jdamen: YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!

TheKeenGuy: People were probably confused and thought it was a singer named Sarah and the album was called Jude.

Jdamen: Yeah, the Jude is huge now and “Sarah” is really small on spine and cover.

TheKeenGuy: Plus, she's ugly and looks like Cher.

Jdamen: Agreed, hated her nose.

TheKeenGuy: I hope Jude didn't have sex with her.

Jdamen: I think that girl was his girlfriend. They probably broke up and when he kicked her out of his mom's house he was like "FUCK YOU, I'M TAKING YOU OFF THE ALBUM COVER!!!"

TheKeenGuy: Which is why the title in the second printing has now been changed to "Sarah... IS A TOTAL FUCKING WHORE WHO CHEATED ON ME WITH PETE YORN!!!"

Jdamen: That would be amazing.

Jdamen: And on the new version GAY COWBOY is a bonus track.

Jdamen: Kidding.

TheKeenGuy: I was so about to order it.

Jdamen: I was thinking about waiting until you ordered it and then telling you I was kidding

TheKeenGuy: So wait, in the second pressing they STILL got the tracklist wrong?

Jdamen: yep

TheKeenGuy: Don't you think they would have corrected that?

TheKeenGuy: How would no one have fucking noticed?!

Jdamen: They don't care. They just wanted Jude's name bigger so no one thought it was an ugly girl named Sarah's album.

TheKeenGuy: I mean... Jude had to have noticed, right?

TheKeenGuy: Couldn't he have been like, "Hey, can you guys do me a favor..."

TheKeenGuy: Or maybe Jude's like really pretentious and has purposely named both of those songs with lyrics of the opposite songs.

Jdamen: They probably don't care. They did change the cover art. You would think they would have noticed. Unless Jude is confused about his own songs.

Jdamen: And the lyrics in the gatefold cover are reversed as well. The order of the songs, not the actual lyrics

TheKeenGuy: Oh, right right right... well there's just some CD layout guy out there who is a real asshole.

TheKeenGuy: First the big label's fuck over Jude and now this!

TheKeenGuy: He can't win!

Jdamen: So the correct tracklisting is: Madonna, Perfect Plank, You and Me, Crescent Heights, If You Need, Your Love Is Everything, Living Together, Black Superman, Isn't It Over... And the bonus track Gay Cowboy. Why don't you go order it, Patrick?


Jdamen: I'm just glad I put all my albums on iTunes at 256 kbps or I never would have noticed that.

TheKeenGuy: I want his Cuba song more anyway.

Jdamen: I haven't heard that one. Or did he play it at the show we went to?

TheKeenGuy: Yeah, it was the "I will be your drunken hero" song...

TheKeenGuy: At the song starts out about him talking about shooting record executives.

TheKeenGuy: And the execs wouldn't let him put it on King of Yesterday. Go fig.

Jdamen: Oh, I remember that one. That was good.

TheKeenGuy: Yup, I bet you that it's locked up somewhere in the Maverick Records vaults.

Jdamen: I have a hard time believing there was ever a good version of “The Not So Pretty Princess.”

TheKeenGuy: I have a hard time believing that Jude didn't try to hang himself after recording that song.

TheKeenGuy: That's the song I cannot reconcile with... I dunno. But, ehh, I guess he was purposely writing a song for teenage girls... that's fine, I guess.

Jdamen: I bet KOY has a big gay following.

Jdamen: It missed the high school girls mark.

TheKeenGuy: Yeah, Jude has a huge gay following... that's why Cher was on the Sarah cover.

Jdamen: Thank God for Sarah. If that hadn't come out... Well, it would have been sad.

TheKeenGuy: Well, something like "I Know" is perfect for teenage girls without being so ridiculously stupid that I can't listen to it.

Jdamen: KOY has two version of "King of Yesterday." Any album that includes both a studio and radio version of a song is pretty bad.

Jdamen: "I Know" was on the City of Angels soundtrack, which makes it less than it should be.

Jdamen: Which is obviously how you first came across Jude.

Jdamen: Being the big Meg Ryan fan that you are.

TheKeenGuy: I never saw that movie nor listened to the soundtrack!

Jdamen: C'mon now. You're among friends here. Fess up.

TheKeenGuy: And never will.

TheKeenGuy: Meg Ryan can kiss my ass.

Jdamen: Actually, I remember Jude from "I'm Sorry Now," which was the big radio song and they played that in Virginia Beach a lot.

TheKeenGuy: I saw her in Innerspace last night and she was irritating even back then.

Jdamen: Did you have his stuff before that?

Jdamen: Or was No One Is Really Beautiful your first?

TheKeenGuy: I never heard "I'm Sorry Now" on the radio, but "Rick James" was a minor radio hit and that's how I caught on, even though that's like my least favorite song on there.

TheKeenGuy: And it was at a listening station in a record store, so I listened to the first song or two and bought it.

Jdamen: I told you I found You're So Hot I Love You for 1.85$ at a record store here in Burbank, right?

Jdamen: And there was a sticker on it that said RARE, yet it was only 1.85. That's right, "Rick James" was a big song. I think I just liked "I'm Sorry Now" better.

TheKeenGuy: Jude could have been standing there trying to sell it himself and it'd still be two dollars.

Jdamen: I liked "I'm Sorry Now" and then when we started swapping music you turned me back on to Jude by giving me your signed by Meg Ryan City of Angels soundtrack and became a fan.

Jdamen: So I knew who Jude was before based on those two radio songs and then when you told me how great 430 N. Harper Ave was, I bought both albums.

Jdamen: And have regretted it ever since.

TheKeenGuy: That's right, and you loved 430 N. Harper Ave... and you loved Pete Yorn and everything else.

TheKeenGuy: And what did I get recommended?

TheKeenGuy: David fucking Gray!

Jdamen: Haha. That's right. We were so not indie yet.

Jdamen: I was like: Dude, have you heard "Babylon"!??!?!

Jdamen: It's AWESOME!

Jdamen: So is Sarah better than 430? I think it is. I think Sarah is the best thing he's done.

Jdamen: Isn't it?

TheKeenGuy: Umm... hmm...

TheKeenGuy: I think I like 430 better... more memories... and some of my very very favorite songs.

TheKeenGuy: It's funny how I think all the better songs on 430 are the songs that didn't end up on No One Is Really Beautiful.

Jdamen: Embrace progress. 430 was a rough, but very good collection. No One was a great studio album. King of Yesterday was a semi-disaster. Sarah is perfect.

TheKeenGuy: Sarah is really good but slightly dependent on the older albums... like the references to older songs, which is fun.

Jdamen: And we have to knock him slightly for including "I Do" on three releases.

Jdamen: The Caesars did the same thing with the iTunes song. It's on like three of their albums. And it's their only good song.

TheKeenGuy: Okay, releasing an album without "I Do" was a good step forward.

Jdamen: I can understand "I Do" twice, since the first was live.

Jdamen: But the KOY version is bad.

TheKeenGuy: Well, the third time was the label being like "No! You're gonna do it AGAIN! You're gonna keep doing it until it's a hit, motherfucker!"

Jdamen: Do you think he recorded KOY at gunpoint?

TheKeenGuy: I think they held his Cher-looking girlfriend hostage until he recorded the album for them.

TheKeenGuy: And now he blames her for his failure, which is why he broke up with her.

Jdamen: I would have let them shoot her.

Jdamen: And removed her from the album artwork.


Blogger David Niall Wilson said...

Maybe it IS Cher, after another round of surgery, and she was so trashed she thought they were shooting a photo for her new CD - Jude...when she saw they called her SARAH she snapped and made them change it (heh).


9:30 AM  
Anonymous Cole said...

what a silly conversation...but still glad to see you guys are still being as obscure as ever...

9:37 PM  
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