Monday, June 27, 2005

A stupid argument about the new Hip Whips album

Hip Whips - Hip Whips (2005, Brass Button/Dubious)

Jdamen: When are you posting a new review you slack ass mot-

TheKeenGuy: Tonight, probably.

TheKeenGuy: I like the new Hip Whips, but not as much as the first one.

Jdamen: New hip whips is rad. As good? Not sure, haven't listened enough yet.

TheKeenGuy: But "Time Is On Its Way" hedges too close to the Rolling Stones "Time Is On My Side," I keep thinking that's what he's gonna sing.

Jdamen: Eh... lyrically similar but the actual tune is quite different.

Jdamen: I don't think they sound alike at all.

TheKeenGuy: Hmm..."tiiiiiiiiime is on my side....""tiiiiiiiiiime is on its way...", not similar at all.

TheKeenGuy: Just talking about the chorus.

Jdamen: And I listen to the Stones way more than you. I have all their albums, you don't have any. Other than the time part, it's not similar.

TheKeenGuy: And Hip Whips dude has always had kind of a Jaggery voice.

TheKeenGuy: Dude, I'm not saying the songwriting is the same.

Jdamen: Eh... Their voices aren't similar at all. The Hip Whips are dead ringers for Procol Harum who sang “A Whiter Shade of Pale.”

TheKeenGuy: But play that song for a hundred people and after the chorus ask them what song it reminds them of...

Jdamen: Now their music I would compare and not argue.

TheKeenGuy: Meh, there's Jagger influence on the singing too. "Pick Up Your Pain" is like a dead ringer.

Jdamen: I just listened to the chorus of each songs and they don't sound alike at all.

Jdamen: Other than that they stretch out the word "time."

TheKeenGuy: Really, you didn't notice, say, any similar words?

Jdamen: And "Pick Up Your Pain" is way more Van Morrison than Stones.

TheKeenGuy: But there's Stones there!

Jdamen: You think his voice sounds like Jagger? I think you're a bit off the mark. Chorus of “Time Is On Its Way” is only similar to the Stones in that the titles of the songs have similar wording and include the word time but the songs don't sound alike except "TIIIIIMMMEEE..."


Jdamen: So?

Jdamen: Hahaha

Jdamen: Who cares?

TheKeenGuy: So... I dunno, that's my whole point.

TheKeenGuy: That's all I'm saying.

Jdamen: That's not really a criticism though. I'm listening to it now against the Stones song and they're not alike other than they chose the same word "TIME."

Jdamen: And "IS."

Jdamen: Did the Stones have copyright on "TIME IS ON?"

Jdamen: Those words?

TheKeenGuy: It just bugs with me, because I keep expecting the dude to finish it with "on my side."

TheKeenGuy: That's all I'm saying!

Jdamen: But he doesn't. That should make you happy. You'd be a lot more pissed if he did .

Jdamen: If he was just like "TIIIIIIIMMMMEEE IS ON MY SIDE!"

TheKeenGuy: Well, I'd be confused then, sure.

Jdamen: And he was like: "I MADE THAT!"

TheKeenGuy: And if they covered "Ruby Tuesday," I'd be really pissed off.

Despite Patrick's bratty point of view, everyone here on Cut the Chord loves both of the self-titled Hip Whips releases and recommends that you run over to to order them!


Anonymous Jim said...

Aptly titled!

3:01 PM  
Blogger TheKeenGuy said...

Well, at least we're self-aware.

11:42 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

What the hell? I'm looking for Bill Ricchini lyrics and I find Patrick!? Our very own Keen Guy?


Sorry. It was funny to read though. :)

4:00 AM  

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