Thursday, June 09, 2005

Fizzle Like a Flood - Fizzle Like a Flood EP review

Fizzle Like a FloodFizzle Like a Flood EP (2004, Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

“I love the fuck out of you!” goes the chorus of one-man band Fizzle Like a Flood’s song “Love the Fuck,” an interesting, busy song full of perplexing lines such as “I would love you even if I wasn’t married.” Doug Kabourek’s voice gets buried in the music as if it’s one of the instruments being played in the mix of things. The voice treads close to the emo-barrier on songs like “Rides to Get High,” but the music is bound to appeal to any who found Elliott Smith’s “King’s Crossing” to be an interesting recording. There are the same swirling flourishes in the playful keyboards and echoing drums of this EP. It makes me curious what Kabourek has been up to on Fizzle Like a Flood’s other records, like the new full-length Golden Sand and the Grandstand.


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