Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Mirah – C’mon Miracle review

Okay, I'm digging out some of the reviews I've written that I didn't have the opportunity to post on the old site, let's start with...

MirahC'mon Miracle (2004, K Records)

Mirah has a pretty Juliana Hatfield sort of voice, and she’s not afraid to frame it against both quiet, minimal songs as well as the grinding tones of songs like “Look Up!” and “The Light.” On her third album, she shows a great deal of variety and restraint at once, probably a result in part of the music-making experiment she finished previously with Ginger Brooks Takahashi titled Songs from the Black Mountain Music Project, which they recorded while tucked away in a very remote cabin in the woods.

On C'mon Miracle, there's an element of folksy storytelling infused into the lyrics, and the songs sometimes feel as if they could drift of into silence, especially towards the end of the album where the more rock-oriented songs dry up. But even though the rock element is a bit frontloaded, it's good to have those songs there to keep this album from being too light or predictable. It's what keeps me coming back to it.


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