Saturday, June 18, 2005

Wolf Parade - Wolf Parade EP review

Wolf ParadeWolf Parade EP (2005, Sub Pop Records)

Warning: You may already be a Wolf Parade fan and not even know it.

Your album collection has probably already been invaded by Canadians in the last year, from the Arcade Fire to the Dears and some Broken Social Scene for good measure. Well, it’s time to make some more room in that collection not only for the Wolf Parade EP but for the band’s forthcoming full-length Apologies to the Queen Mary.

The EP is less than fourteen minutes long, featuring two songs produced by the band themselves and two produced by Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock, who discovered the band as Sub Pop’s resident celebrity A&R guy. Quite a synergistic relationship, isn’t it? Brock gets to promote any little old band he likes, and Sub Pop gets the opportunity to namedrop Modest Mouse in the promotions. “Hey! You like Modest Mouse! Modest Mouse like Wolf Parade! Therefore… buy Wolf Parade!”

That strategy might just work. The music is close enough in kinship to the music of Brock’s band to gain some of those fans, and at the same time, Wolf Parade is no imitator of that band. There’s a lot of influence to be felt in the music, especially in the vocals which drip of David Bowie on tracks like “Disco Sheets.”

Wolf Parade is gaining notoriety already among hipsters and it’s time to jump on the ship before it’s too late to claim that you’re still among the trendsetters. This EP comes out on July 12th, so make sure you’re already a fan before the time that happens! Be that cool indie rock person who’s able to talk all about the band to the record store clerk while picking up the EP the very day it is released. You can be like, “aww man, the full length is gonna be fuckin’ rad. Have you heard that song Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts?! This band’s gonna blow up, yo!”


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