Monday, July 11, 2005

The Oranges Band - The World & Everything In It review

The Oranges BandThe World & Everything In It (2005, Lookout! Records)

Sometimes you expect certain things from a band. Like a certain sound. After rocking the fuck out on 2003’s All Around, I expected the Oranges Band to do the same on the new album The World & Everything In It, but what I got was different. A more calm and controlled rock album than I had expected. I guess this is how early Spoon fans felt when they first heard Girls Can Tell. Like that album, this is a great record. It just shows a lot more restraint than I was expecting. Here I was ready for some great loud rock songs, and that was not what was delivered.

Now, is that something to criticize the Oranges Band for? Mmm, no. Certainly not. I’m a big boy, and if I want more music that sounds like All Around, I can dig deep and find other bands that might be in the same ballpark (like, say, the Natural History). And then I can appreciate the new Oranges Band sound for what it is, relaxing rock (along the lines of Dios and Rogue Wave) for un-busy summer days.


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