Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Holopaw - Quit +/or Fight review

Holopaw - Quit +/or Fight (2005, Sub Pop Records)

In 2003, I was at a Modest Mouse show and a complete stranger tapped me on the shoulder and pointed up into the reserved part of the balcony. “See that guy?!” he said as he pointed to who I presume was John Orth, “That’s the other guy from Ugly Casanova!” It didn’t mean a lot to me then, because I hadn’t listened to Ugly Casanova much, and I had yet to hear Orth’s other band Holopaw at all. I later picked up the 2003 self-titled Holopaw album and I enjoyed it. Nothing about the album really stands out. I’ve heard it several time and while I remember the general sound, I can’t remember any songs or song titles from it.

Now I’m listening to Quit +/or Fight, the band’s new album, and I’m not blown away by this either, but I do find it a little more interesting. I was reading the press release where they discuss how the of traditional sounds, the simple folksy acoustic guitars, are laid on the background of electronic elements, the synths and keyboards giving the songs more sonic weight. These two sounds are blended together so seamlessly that I would not have even thought to have addressed it if it hadn’t been pointed out to me.

Holopaw’s music just isn’t the kind that stands out. I don’t feel the need to discuss certain songs, because I feel like it would be almost at random which song I decided to address. I like listening to these songs, but I find them fairly indistinguishable, even after listening to the album several times.

It’s a funny thing. I think I would be a little bored at a Holopaw concert, but I like putting the music on when I’m working on something. It’s not exactly a ringing endorsement to say “Yeah, I liked it, it’s okay… I can’t remember it, but it sounds pretty good.” There are plenty of people out there who only want to pay for music they think they are going to love. Me, I can listen to a band, shrug my shoulders, and still dish out money knowing it’ll be a pleasant addition to my collection.


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