Sunday, August 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, Elliott Smith.

August 6th is Elliott Smith's birthday. So as always, we at Cut the Chord take a moment to reflect on the impact he's had on us, one more personal and visceral than any other musician we have heard. I can remember a time in early 2003 when Boone and I heard rumors about how Elliott, living in Silverlake, wasn't doing well at the time and may have relapsed (which later proved false). Our instinct was to instantly go into protective mode. "Oh my god, we have to go save him!" It was a strange impulse, and Boone and I agreed that there was no other musician that would invoke such a response from us. Why was that?

The thing is, there was something about Elliott's music that crossed over a line to accomplish something that most music doesn't. Elliott had a way of writing music that wasn't just about his own feelings and frustrations. He was much more interested in trying to connect with emotions we all understood than he was in writing his autobiography in verse. He wasn't trying to make us feel for him. He just wanted to let us know that he felt for everyone who's had to go through the same kind of shit he did. That sense of selflessness and heartfelt empathy lives on in the music, and so as always, we are appreciative and glad for the time that he was with us. XO, Elliott.

Here's a few Elliott-related sites to visit...
The official Elliott Smith site. News, lyrics, discography, most everything.
The ultimate Elliott Smith message board.
Download MP3s of Elliott Smith rarities, including Confusion: Live Unreleased Songs, mixed by CTC's own Patrick C. Taylor.


Download the Elliott Smith Tribute CD for free, also mixed by Patrick.

And please donate to the Elliott Smith Memorial Fund which aids abused children.


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That was beautiful Keenguy. You summed up Elliott's impact in my life perfectly. Thanks.

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